Simple, Smart, and Secure Screening

Risk mitigation, accuracy and efficiency are the foundation of a successful screening program.

With a proprietary global platform and an innovative approach to screening, we aim to reduce manual intervention, improve process efficiency and delivering faster results without compromising on quality.

Our Mission

Power the future of background screening

Provides a superior screening experience courtesy of a peerless delivery model and a native screening solution suite that caters to various employment screening needs across all industries. We strive to create an unmatched experience through automated workflows, time-efficient service that is always compliant.

Our Vision

Manual intervention-free Screening Solution

With a technology-first approach to solving the problems plaguing the background screening landscape, ScreenXchange aims to optimize the hiring process. By harmonizing screening policies and weaponizing technology, we aim to mitigate risks, address unmet needs and create a more efficient screening solution.

Awards & Recognitions

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Best NGO Award
Berlin, Germany
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Global Award
New York, USA
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Best NGO Award
Vienna, Austria
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Earth Saver Award
New Delhi, India

Our Journey

How we raised 34M

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