Managed Services

Optimize the entire lifecycle of the background verification journey


Ex-Employee Verification

Optimize the ex-employee verification process by shifting the duty of care to us. Our readily deployable solution seamlessly integrates with your ex-employee database. Set aside any request-related worries and let our future-proof technology solution provide responses at an exceptional speed. Our intuitive workflow ensures minimal manual intervention so your HR team can focus on core responsibilities.

Applicant Support

Enhancing the candidate experience is critical to ensuring that the right candidate doesn’t slip through the cracks. Our integrated smart helpdesk, multi-lingual support, ability to simplify the data entry process, and ease consent authorization ensure the entire lifecycle of a candidate’s background screening process is optimized.


Vendor Co-ordination

Multiple vendors are par for the course when it comes to background screening but coordination with all of them can become cumbersome. Let us handle vendor co-ordination and leverage the power of real-time status updates, complete visibility of the entire process while ensuring seamless day-to-day operations and remaining compliant, and in complete control.