Experience the future of background screening

One-stop shop for screening

Creating a marketplace of vetted global screening partners to provide everything you need under one roof

Why ScreenXchange?

Technology-first approach

Making screening smarter with AI, ML & Robotics-driven background screening platform

Rapid Turnaround Time

We make it our mission to get you what you need to make an informed decision

Extensive Global Expertise

Leveraging our global presence with our industry expertise to create a next-gen screening experience



Enterprises face many problems during their background screening journey: lack of options, limited flexibility, extended turnaround time, and cost.

Here are some key benefits of using the Marketplace.

Multiple service providers in a single platform

Faster turnaround time for key screening checks

Consultation with in-house experts for country-specific needs


Consumer reporting agencies (CRA) have plenty of obstacles as they seek access to screening information that helps you make the right hire.

Here’s how the Marketplace can benefit them.  

Ability to work directly with field agents, partners

Expand on-ground presence for critical checks

Leverage ability to provide checks in 190+ countries



Employers and educational institutions face multiple hurdles regarding data retention of records.

The Marketplace can help benefit them in the following ways.

Gain additional credits

Create validation for alums and ex-employees

Optimize resource allocation for maintenance of prior records