Global Consulting

Discover the entire gamut of options to help organizations screen for the right hire


Screening Policies

Dynamic screening policies are the norm for any organization looking to expand their global footprint. Harmonize and optimize your screening policies specific to local laws and cultural norms under the aegis of a standardized global screening policy that ensures you remain complaint and mitigates potential risks.

Packages & Process Design

Designing screening packages for international hires is far from straightforward. With 1500+ experts serving customers in 190+ countries, we aid in designing the perfect global package matrix. We ensure your global screening program optimizes the quality of hires by providing industry and role-specific feedback that is cost-efficient, compliant and contains all the necessary checks.


Compliance & Privacy

Compliance and data privacy is critical to the success of any screening policy. Privacy must be at the heart of background screening, so we ensure that you remain on top of country-specific data retention policies. Armed with our understanding of compliance obligations, gain access to real-time insights that ensure that your screening program remains globally compliant.